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Can't get on emergency boats at ship wreckage.
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Can't get on emergency boats at ship wreckage, i've tried all possible angles in several servers and i'm not the only one, friends and people from the forums have experienced the same issue, don't know anyone that were able to climb up the ladders to access the boats (they have loot, that's why it would be nice to be able to go there). {F29820}


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v. 0.30

1.Join server
2.Go to to Ship wreckage(Rify)
3.Try to use ladders to access emegencies boats


v. 0.32

Now the stairs can be used but all the loot is gone!

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Confirmed that ladders work now as of last patch, however loot seems to have been removed from up there. Please return the loot and all is good!

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