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Character gone for no reason
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So i was playing the game (LOVING IT!!) and after 3 nights of gaming (about 10 hours worth) i had so much stuff. obviously in between ive playde/tried atleast 30 servers (sometimes i just skip night servers so i can see stuff) no problem at all. Yesterday i was finaly at the point of thinking im 'ready' 2 ammoboxes filled (did you know you can glitch ammo by putting it in a 60 round megazine and then taking it out? youll have 60 bullets in 1 slot instead of the 30 max)

so i get the message that connection has been gone for 10 seconds.. 20 seconds.. (ive had those before) and i thought ok ill just leave.
Leave. go to the main menu and see my character all basic. Log in again. Everything gone. never once was i hurt or anything. Just poof


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stay online untill you first get the broken red chain. then wait for the message'No response for blabla seconds" something like that.. And then exit to join another server (what else can you do?). seem like one out of every bunch of times this results in a clean wipe. ive had this 3 times.

ive had to restart 5 times by now. 3 wernt my own fault. one i was killed by someone :( (i hate you!!) and one time i broke my legs in the middle of nowhere.

AWESOME game even without vehicles. but i cant wait to be able to store things for later use even if i am dead. then this issue wouldnt be that bad as you could back up some things in case of sudden character wiping..

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game is super awesome. GTA had the same problems at first with losing profiles. it was also because connection to the servers were lost.
In their case whenever you went online and couldnt see your character, it was because you couldnt load it from the server. so you had the option to start as a new player. If you did so. that would overwrite your old character. if you went back out of the menu and went back into the menu until connection was set up tho, you could load your main character again. Maybe this is the same problem?

A possible solution (if that were the problem) would be to always check in the main menu what your character looks like. if you got all your stuff you can continue playing. if you dont have you stuff DONT log on to another server untill you can see your main character... atleast then people would know how to protect themselfs from this. GREAT WORK PEOPLE!

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thank you longbow! i just found that out myself. Maar super bedankt voor je snelle reactie! :)

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wow. so last night my character was gone after being kicked. i was on another server on a different location with no stuff. shut it down angry and went to bed. made this issue and went back to the game to start new. the character in the menu had no stuff and just jeans and tshirt. when i went to a server my old character was back! i was missen a ammocrate but thats because i was looking at it when i got kicked. whoohoo. maybe i was right and its just like the GTA thing. i didnt do anything last night with the new character so i guess it didnt save it either!

Don't connect straight after you left. This can cause your character to disappear. If it happens, immediately log out and relog. Your character should be back.

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78