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Zombies Able to move through walls, and glitch half way into the ground.
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When ever i get a zombie to chase me I run into the house and close the door. Then the zombie just runs through the door or wall. This also happens with fences they just run through it.


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Steps To Reproduce

First step, Get a zombie to chase you.
Second step, Run to a house or a fenced in area.
Third step, open the fence or door to the house or fenced in area.
fourth step, walk in inside the fenced in area or the house and shut the door.
Fifth step, watch the zombie run through the fence or door and disturb you.

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I'm not sure but yea it is really annoying when I try to bandage myself from that same exact zombie that just hit me. Or even when I'm just trying to loot without the zombies disturbing me. But I don't thing they r supposed to do that because they glitch into the ground often too.

Yes, this happened to me as well as posted in a note in issue 0007143.

Do they normally open doors themselves? If not pretty frustrated when trying to apply a bandage thinking your out of sight....

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Zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Please refer to the primary report at #77