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Characters inventory wiped, new spawn when whiching server
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I have connectivity issues with some of the servers. I have to jump to quite a few to find one that will let me actually play and interact. Here lately I have been joining some servers and upon exiting to join another my character will spawn a fresh spawn losing all the gear, weapons and food i have accumulated over hours of play. This has happened three times in the past 24 hours and is particularly disheartening. When I log out I am in completely safe spots where no zombie can get me, plus it leaves no indication that I am unconscious or dead. I am frustrated with this and hopefully you will be able to fix this bug.


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have hours of gameplay looting gear, change servers to find a playable one. lose all gear accumulated.

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Some servers do this intentionally. Make sure to read the description of the server

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I've had this issue happen to me twice yesterday where the server reset and upon logging back into it I was a fresh spawn...

Pretty agravating.