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No option for 120hz gameplay? Stuck playing at 60hz
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I noticed that even if i flag the game in steam with forced 120 (-freq 120) that in fullscreen mode the game will only play at 60hz.

Its frustrating because I am setup to play at 120hz and there is a very noticeable difference in smoothness.
Please allow 120hz!


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I agree they should add option to in game instead of changing .cfg file. I think -freq startup parameter is not supported on Bohemia games like ArmA 2,3 and DayZ etc but correct me if im wrong. Only works for Valve games.

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I love you Drouz, that worked.
I didnt come across that solution on Google.
It should be an option in game or tie the config file to the steam launch flags.

Have u changed refresh=60; to 120 in C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ.cfg file?

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I'd be all for this.