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Image artefact using T3N RDS
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When moving in crouched position while using the T3N RDS optics on the M4 an image artefact appears and makes it impossible to aim at targets {F29764} {F29765} {F29766} {F29767}


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Apply the T3N RDS optics to your M4, set sight on your target and move in any direction while crouching.

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I got the same problem with my T3N (the ACOG is working good).
When I drop down my Black Tactical vest (damaged) and my Hunter Backpack (worn) the clipping disappears.

I'll try to find another Vest (I hope to find a pristine one, without getting killed) and another backpack to see if the item state is related to this or not.

Ummm I was wearing a black tactical vest, (1pp only) i only had problems in prone stance, but when i looked up with a T3N RDS i could see the blue sky...

GungZA, your description with Clothes clipping(?) may be the source of the problem... Your theory answers to my questions.

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I wanted to make a new report but i'll just append screens to yours eventhough the problem isn't exactly the same it concerns the t3n optics.

Clothes obscure the sight when prone, in the screens i added i was wearing a green hoodie which obscures the optics the most.

the first picture (2014-01-10 0001.jpg) is while lying prone.

the second picture (2014-01-10 00003.jpg) is while moving being crouched looking through the t3n, it obscures the optics so bad that you can't even see it. The last picture (2014-01-10 0002.jpg) is posted for reference, that's the ACOG site with the same green hoodie but no obstruction, I guess because the acog is closer to your face.

Tac shirts also obscure the t3n but a lot less than hoodies.

Same here, confirmed.

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