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Died from no reason when joined a server
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Strange and simple,
Joined a server I played all day long, after eating dinner and i walked 2 steps un suddenly died from no reason at all, tried reconnecting, and had all my gear lost, noone else died, except me.


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This happened to me too. I had a character that I played the whole weekend. Was in the middle of nowhere, so definitely did not get killed by another player, when the server restarted. I logged back in, moved around a bit, then the "Death" screen came up. Respawned with nothing.

Spoke to another player about this and he said that it is a glitch. That the only way to avoid it is to not move or do anything while connecting and wait a couple of seconds after you connect.

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Same thing happened to me several times in one day. I have over 100 hrs of gameplay and this was the first time it had occurred. I tried several different servers and the same thing happened multiple times.