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Random Noises and Sometimes Random Hurt
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Sometime you hear random noises, can opening, fences rattling which is pretty common although still a bug but isn't very game changing, but when you hear at least 30 Zombies, its kinda crazy. A friend and I were on our way to NWAF when the sound of a zombie starts popping up when we were in the middle of a field with no zombies around. It sounded so close that it sounded like it was right under us. The odd thing is that we were like 100m apart and it was still at the same time and very loud for both of us. A bit later, it sounds like 10 zombies are "walking underground" below us, and they were making the sound that a zombie makes when its hitting something, like an angry roaring sound cut off halfway through. Well i get into a hospital and all of a sudden i hear a mass spamming of hitting sounds and i look behind me and on the floor is puffs of dust coming off the floor rapidly. I walk past and I start bleeding. Me and my friend made a joke about it saying that the zombies underground were tired of watching us and wanted out. This needs fixing.


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Walk outside

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Some of the random noises are:

Cans opening
Zombies roaring
Bullets being split
Rags tearing
Hitting/Punching sounds
Noises which sound like gunshots but a bit feint

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All players have same issue, about those sounds.

It's probaply some placeholder thing, i think...

I think this is intentional. To scare you. Just ambient noises. As for the Gunshots it might be you punching/hitting a wall with a melee weapon or some gunshots in the distance. The "zombie wanting out" is the only bug i see here, although that seems serious and needs some attention.

Duplicate of #161 (Random Zombie Sounds [PRIMARY REPORT]).

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