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BackPack Layers causes strange behaviors
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When i died falling one of my friend to get my stuff packed as 8 layers of Back packs (one bag into another and etc... ) at first it could open these to browse the stuff but when we login the next morning , all the stuff was stuck on "receiving data...", and he was unable to access his item, player nearby (me) was stuck too , and zombie were sometime invisible, to correct the issue we had to login drop the back pack and exiting the server multiple time to unbox them all, getting our stuff then changed server because the context was all messy (zombie behaving strangely, unable to open doors, can' t interact with our weapons and stuff,etc)


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Make 8 layers if bags into bags with full stuff inside

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Not a bug.

Read the changelog for the new version, you were never supposed to be able to put bags inside of bags inside of bags, aka BAGCEPTION.
I believe they released a temp fix for current version, new version comes out tomorrow.