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[Suggestion] Time until disconnect to prevent "switching servers cause of other players"
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I see this happen a lot: You as well armed Player see an other well armed Player ... You open fire first, but miss.. he runs around the next Corner you after him and then he's gone.

You all know what I mean. I think we Need like in the former DayZ Mod an time you cannot move etc. for disconect (about 15sec). Because at the momentyou can escape other Players and also Zombies by disconnecting.


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To prevent searching Servers by loot it would also be good to have a time like 1-2 min until you're able to connect to an other Server, but this is an other discussion.

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its called combat logging, and loot hopping.

there are allready hundrets of posts about this in the feedback forum.

i know what you mean. i hate it too. but please close this post for the sake of devs / mods time so they can check none duped feedback.

i suggest you use the search next time and vote up the post you think is the best in this matter and maybe even post some ideas about this issue in there.

best regards

Yes , thats right I hate this Server Hopper !!! Please Fix