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Zombies can push players through walls
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We all know they can walk through walls at the moment, but one of them just trapped me in a wall at an airfield. {F29747}


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I killed the zombie with my back to the wall as it ran at me, that'll probably do the trick.

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If anyone else finds themselves stuck in a wall I think I may have found a way to get out. I've only done this once so far and hopefully I won't have to do it again to see if it actually works or if I just got lucky. I held down the sprint key making my character run in place at the wall, then I left the server while still running. When I rejoined my character was about 5 meters past the wall.

Has happened to me too. Also I have been "rubber banded" into this same situation in the electro fire station. Pressing "v" near the wall got me out once, other time I had to log out/in again.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0000049: Pushed through walls by zeds

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