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Stacks of 60 5.56 rounds - causes massive desync
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So right now you are able to overfill ammo boxes, causing massive desync for as long as you have it in your inventory.

I'm assuming it works by counting the number of stacks of ammo in the box, rather than the rounds, but by unloading a coupled mag, you can actually get stacks of 60 rounds.

EDIT: Changed title. Also, it doesn't seem to affect every player. A member of our squad had stacks of 60 in his ammo box, and it only caused some of us to desync. The rest were fine.

EDIT 2: Seems to happen when players have too many yellow protector cases on them too. {F29744}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a few full coupled mags
  2. Empty them
  3. Put the 60-round stacks in an ammo box
  4. Enjoy your wonderful desync
Additional Information

This seems to be part of the bug people are having where they desync massively when near other players. I noticed that although I had an overfilled ammo box for a while, I only started to get the desync after I had met up with a couple of friends, and it stopped the moment I dropped the box.

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Updated the main post, thanks to whoever uploaded that screenshot.

Never had the issue of having a desync because of the box but the bug still does work. If 30 is the maximum stacking size, than coupled mags should split in 2x30 stacks.

Will keep this in mind when playing the next time for testing purposes.
I was stacking 60 rounds into my ammo boxes as well, never realized there was a bug ( I thought it is a bug that u can't stack up to 60 rounds without coupled mag ).

Can you change the title so Devs make some investigation on that. If this is the case it affects server stability massivly.

I'm curious - why the downvote? Seems to me like this is a pretty big issue, and there is absolutely no reason to downvote it...

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