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Game Locking Still "Playing"
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When I'm just doing my thing sometimes the game will begin lagging as I look forward so I just look down. Suddenly the character stops, then veers the camera to the middle and slightly looking to the right. After this happens my character is locked in place with no option to open inventory or exit the server. Though this happens the game isn't frozen, I'm still "playing" with other characters moving around my screen and the breath animation going. I can be killed by anything at this point. My only option is to exit the game, however every time I play now it happens.


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Usually acts up while I am running long distances, or after the game kicks me and I come back teleported to a point I passed and I tried continue playing.

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I was playing fine the previous night, no lag or interruptions at all. Happens even with out teleport backwards, just makes it happen more.

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Happens regardless of teleport back to previous point, this just makes it more reproduce-able.

This post is not just about the teleporting problem. if you read it closer I state my game is locking itself while I'm playing. I don't even have to be teleported for my problem to happen it just does.

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duplicate of 1000 other report search for teleport and you find sooo much. consider closing this when you found one of the many equal reports

Thanks for that post I forgot to mention it happens mostly after I get put back to a place I have been before. Hence all the running I am doing.

I encounter the same, character laggs back to a location I passed some time ago and freezes, sounds and everything keep going.
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