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Able to use handcuffs from far away, and it disarms the opponent.
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Not only can someone try to handcuff someone from across a field, but if done, the target is disarmed. Can be especially annoying if someone is using handcuffs to distract/troll a sniper.


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Use handcuffs on person with gun drawn, despite distance to target. Target's weapon will be put away.

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HaHa i found this bug and mentioned it on DayZ survival tactics multiple times. Its a great bug when someone has deleted there pbo's and you just disarm them from a distance causing them to log out. Saved my life last night.

Also when you do this it dupes the handcuffs and spawns a pristine set on the ground.

This works for all items you can give to other players apart from food and drink they just get used up

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