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Feedback: Character sounds are annoying
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I know sound is the last thing on the list for game designers, but I would really like to see some effort put in to some of the sounds in the game.

The eating sound is terrible. Who smacks their mouth when they eat like that??
The sound your character makes when injured, the constant complaining and whining, is so god awful that I consider killing my character just to shut him up.

I would like to see sound follow a very simple premise: Your character knows he SHOULD NOT MAKE SOUND. He should try to eat as quietly as possible, and when injured he should really make an effort to stifle his pain. It would add a lot of character. It would also, in the case of injuries, allow the game designers to use sound to impart the magnitude of the injury suffered. The louder he complains the more severe the injury.


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Eat something.
Get injured.

Be annoyed.

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At the very least turn down the volume of these sounds.

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Eating sounds should only be audible by the player who is eating and nobody else.