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Character randomly wiped after playing post recent update
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A friend and I were playing on the new update and had just ran from the north east airstrip to the south west balota airstrip carrying tons of gear. Checking out the new features (Paint and acquiring a sawed off shutgun etc.) When I found I could not pick up an item (It allowed me to drag it but no inventory slots taken up and the item remained on the floor) To solve this I logged out and used steam to join the same server as my friend. Whereupon I was found on the coast with no gear. Hopping through a few other servers (Some connected to the hive some not) I could not reproduce the problem and get my character to "randomly" respawn. It was a one time shot and I don't know what it was.

HOWEVER my friend also logged off the server and was new spawned as well. So it happened to both of us. Still don't know why.

Sucks to throw 8 hours at a character and have it wiped though! Hope this helps you fix the problem asap!


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Had friend log off same server and also get wiped

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Had spray can and sawed off shotgun in inventory we had also both painted the stocks of our guns. COnsidering these are new features they may be part of the problem?

Update as of 1.24.2014: After playing for around 2 hours my character has reappeared in the forest back from where I was. All loot etc still on him and now is in the servers I join that previously had my fresh start character in it. Weird delay.

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update as of 1.25.2013: The friend I was with who also had lost his character has also regained his in the same server. I know bounce between two characters when joining servers. My current geared one and my fresh start character.

Same issue here, as long as I dont have the beret I'm good, but as soon as I have a beret equipped or in my inventory, my character resets upon next server connect

edit: might have to do something with the beret error we get ingame now and then?

Hi, i found a beret again and i checked this issue. i dumped all my gear and just had the beret in my inventory, on the next login i'm a new char on the beach, so the beret is definitely a stopper.

Oh Yes, i had a beret too! Also the same loading error for the beret appeared minutes after login.

Post-patch I had my character rolled back one week, then I played last night (Thursday) and did acquire a black CMF beret. When I logged on today I had a full character reset. Later that day, with the new character, I did again acquire a black CMF beret and after a server reset my character was fully reset again. Note, my server was not on the list of servers with connectivity issues and after two other server resets today my character was not reset.

Therefore, given what others have said, a beret may be causing issues. In addition, I've gotten error messages about beret on load-up and when first logging in. And in neither case did I have a shotgun.


So you had a beret but not a shotgun? Sounds like that might be the guilty suspect.


Logged last night with a black beret after drinking a beer to hive-save. Logged in today to see my gear still on the title screen. But after logging into the server itself, POOF, random beach; battery; flashlight.

DooM, I had this happen and logged out by the SWAF, in the middle of the street, so I doubt that's the issue.

I did, however, have a beret (new item), as well as a sawed shotgun.

Tick, did you have a beret as well?

Had the exact same problem today. I playied with a friend and we switched servers about 3 times in 8 or 9 hours. On my last switch i respawned on the beach with a new char. All servers where on regular and had the same version, i double checked that. But i didn't use or a had a spraycan with me.

EDIT: I disconnected inside a house to switch servers, maybe this was involved?

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Please refer to the main character save loss thread at #78