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Zombie glitch
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Noticed that zombies were spawned in the houses (coming from nowhere when you're standing pretty much in that spot) and they were glitching through the ground and walls.

Also, when following you (I was running like hell) they'd glitch through the walls and fences.

Maybe an idea to make sure that zombies can't "open" doors (so you're a bit safer inside) although maybe break down? If they cannot jump, make them move around the fence rather than let them glitch through.



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Exactly! That'd make it so much more realistic (no worries I'm quite aware that it's still in Alpha testing so it'll take a while)
And, this may be a bit too much but thought of it last night: As there are so many chairs just standing/lying around, why not be able to move them and throw them against the door to block it off?

Yep zombies actually glitch through almost everything. I think its a great idea to make zombien being unable to go through doors without forcing it... well it's realistic, and I also believe would make the game alot challenging if you get into a house with no double entrance and being followed by a horde (considering that later on there'll be more zombies around)

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Zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Please refer to the primary report at #77