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Blue Screen of Death
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When playing the game, I randomly get the error message "cannot find file specified" and then my PC will blue screen.
The game used to only run for about 5 minutes before blue screening. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now I get maybe 20 minutes before it blue screens. I've tried raising and lowering the graphics settings with no avail along with playing it in windowed mode, too.

I know it's not my hardware, as I've run multiple stress tests on the CPU and GPU and I've run a Memory Test, however:
Hardware -
Motherboard: Acer Aspire M1930
Processor: i3 2100
Ram: 6GB Kingston DDR3
GPU: Nvidia 660

Please help!



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Can't reproduce at will - it happens randomly throughout the game for no particular reason.

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Genuine thanks to everybody for the help so far.

Here's a screenshot from BlueScreenView:

I'll see if I can get a crash dump report and dxdiag up, too.

Any help in the meantime is appreciated.


You can use BlueScreenView to find out what is causing the errors. Post a screenshot or the error code here if you want.

Next time you BSOD write down the error code and post it back here. Or google the code and you will find out what is wrong with your PC.

It might be something as simple as your GPU drivers crash because of the time it takes to talk to each other and render the screen. I had this happen with AMD drivers for a while and only a fresh install of windows fixed the problem as my driver was corrupt

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Upload a crash dump report and a dxdiag. Tutorial here:

See, that would make sense, but no other games I own have this issue. They all run fine for hours at a time. No crashing even without a blue screen. Nothing.

I know you said its not your hardware, but i have some bad news for you. its your hardware. something is probably busted and you have yet to properly narrow it down.