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Active(?) player not shown in playerlist
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So i was looting an airfield with a friend of mine. The server was getting pretty empty after a while and only the two of us were left.
However, we entered a huge hangar and i got shocked: there was another player in the corner, looking around. After he seemed to realise my presence he got down (or bugged, don´t know, maybe a coincidence). First thing i did was to verify if it wasn´t someone from our clan and looked into the playerlist. Funny thing was: we were only two people online, not three!
Tried to communicate via voiceover but no reaction, just some strange moving around a bit, not following orders. So i executed him. We were able to loot him without a problem.
Still, only 2 persons on the server!


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Seems you are right. Yesterday i encountered the same thing once more. A guy just sitting there, fully geared and doing nothing but strange headbanging. After 10 minutes i decided to kill him ;)

Sometimes a dead player's corpse does some weird animations when you see it, could be the falling down/strange moving around as you described.

So it was totally possible the guy got killed in the same (4 hour) server restart window and left the server. Your corpse stays in the same location until server reset I believe.