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[Suggestion] Friendly clothes
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it would be awesome to have a 'Friendly' tag has clothes, I can't think of other examples except the Hero Kit (dayz Mod) - but there is other way.

example if people wears a YELLOW raincoat it should means your friendly, but i know you can't order to people to behave and wear them only if don't want to shoot people in the face. But there will some (not a traitor) will eventually find nice people....

i know I'm optimistic


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play dayz

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I think it isn't about recognizing the friendly people but making people understand this game isn't a KoS game. This game becomes amazing when you understand how troubling it is to find someone without knowing if he is friendly or not, and taking the desition of wheter trusting him or not. Sorry any english mistake

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not optimistic, but naive.

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Tim added a comment.Feb 18 2014, 3:11 AM

Agreed. This would never work. Nor should it... the point is, just as in real life, you never know who to trust.