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Rabbits and Odds sounds
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Ok so we saw our first rabbit the other day, and we could not kill it. Also as we stumbled around trying to kill it we noticed if you strike your fireman axe on some rocks it will make a shotgun noise.


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Shotgun noise, particular rocks on the ground when struck will create the shotgun noise.

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These issues have been reported before:

#1983 - Can't kill rabbits
#876 - Gunshot noise from melee

Duplicates clutter up the bug tracker, so make sure to search before posting :)

Yea, the rabbits are actually emitting fragments of the zombies alert status sound, instead of the full sound, it's only a fraction of a second's worth, but it's definitely enough to throw someone off, as it kept happening to us during a firefight and we kept having to look around to make sure we weren't getting attacked by undead while we were distracted with players.