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Mosin Dupe Whilst Drinking Soda
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I've only recreated this with a soda but was able to recreate many times. Get knocked out whilst having a soda, mosin dupes when removing from knocked out player


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a buddy
  2. Have mosin in hands
  3. Right click drink soda from inv. whilst mosin in hand
  4. Buddy immed. knocks you the fudge out
  5. Buddy removes mosin from your limp body (we dragged it off in the inv)
  6. If timed right when you wake up you will have no mosin in inv. but it is in your hands still, buddy will have mosin in his inv as he should and be holding the original
Additional Information

The curious thing about this is that the weapons share ammo (i.e. 5 shots from either gun will empty the other), attachments and other things. So if you remove the scope from one, it removes from both. Unload one, they both unload, etc.

The item will work but if the dupe'd one (i.e. the person who was knocked out) drops the weapon it does indeed disappear.

Original bug was found while in town of Balota within arms reach of the water pump. Was harder to recreate outside of that small radius, less frequent but did still occur outside of there. Dunno if it has to do with the water pump but it was easier to recreate at the water pump

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If I can get it up (no pun intended) in a timely manner, I'll make a vid for demo purposes, but I"m not promising it