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You cant go through doors while turned sideways, left or right side.
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You cant go through doors while turned sideways, left or right side. You must enter face first, or you can't. I know at least you can't go in sideways with a gun out, but I dont if you don't have one out if you can or not.


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Day Z SA ≠ ARMA 3

the game is still alpha, it will be fixed

they fixed this issue in ARMA 3.
sad that this game still has issues with walking through doors.

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Please fix.

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well, i think zombies beeing able to appear everywhere from now to then is one of the best features :P

it's a game mechanic that needs to be fixed, but likely lower priority at the moment, zombies walking through solid objects should be fixed first

confirmed. just wrote the same issue.

has to be fixed!

Confirmed still 3/3/14

you don't have to bump tickets

Still no fix.