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Pistol FNX45 unloadable
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I am unable at all times to put the correct bullets into the FNX45 Pistol.
I have already encountered this weapon three times and they were all bugged.
Where the pistol is present (be it backback, vicinity, hand,...) doesn't matter.

When I try to 'use' any type of bullet on the weapon, it appears red, meaning I can not use it on the weapon. (it also doesnt give the message for other bullet types that they don't fit)
Also, the description of the weapon seems to be missing. {F29699}


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Not A Bug
Steps To Reproduce

Find FNX45
attempt to load .45 bullets into the weapon

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Also, you can not load bullets into the pistol while the magazine is still in. You need to remove the magazine, load the bullets, then put the magazine back into the pistol.

my apologies for the report.
The difference in loading vs a sniper has left me reporting here.

You cant load bullets into a pistol without a magazine. Working as intended.