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ladder falling
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happened four times now, i have climbed on the roof of a building using a ladder, and when i tried to climb down the ladder my character would just die, i used nothing but the scrollwheel option to climb down and pressed nothing else during the event, it has happened twice on the very otp of the elektro fire station, and twice in the bolota airfield air traffic control tower.


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just keep trying to climb down ladders in these locations, should happen about 50% of the time.

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I've had a similar problem, not really sure how to reproduce it though.

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Happened to me twice while I was in crouch position before using the ladder

Have reported this in the past. Has happened to me and several of my friends.. There are ways to reduce the odds of it happening, I think. Try stowing your weapon on your back, and standing directly in front of the ladder.

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Happens to me as well but mainly the hunters posts and or military posts.. Character leaps to his death when clicking down arrow.

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This is a known issue. Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155