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Huge Desync. Unable to interact with server.
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I have this issue intermittently. Sometimes I can play for hours (with a squad of 3 - 8) and experience no issues.

Other times I cannot play for the entire day, whether it be alone or with a group.

My character will become so desynced I cannot perform any action apart from moving. This includes vaulting (why is this server side?!), right clicking an item, changing weapon, opening doors etc.

As far as I can tell (after some pinging Day Z and Arma 3 servers) they will not accept a packet of a size greater than 1400 bytes. With that in mind I changed the MTU.

I actually had some success by changing the MTU. First I edited my DayZ profile (my docs\dayz other profiles\[char name].cfg) and added:

class sockets

This didn't seem to work. After this I enforced an MTU of 1200 in my router settings and this seemed to work for a couple of days.

Perhaps this is a coincidence.

Also, I can play Arma 2 + 3 with little desync.


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Join a server, play for 1 hour with no desync, get into a fire fight, desync, die, become unable to play all day.

In seriousness, it's intermittent; no identifiable cause.

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Conspire posted this on a duplicate thread:

It seems then that the desync issue is due to Battleye

Other thread:

Similar issue here. Been happening for over a week now. Game is unplayable as a result :(

Yellow chain into red chain and losing connection to server on every single server I connect to. Sometimes I can play for an hour before it happens. Sometimes it happens immediately upon joining a server when I haven't even moved yet. Sometimes I try to play with friends and disconnect 10 times in quick succession in the middle of a firefight while we're under siege in a building.

My internet connection is fine. No packet loss to testing sites. This is not a firewall issue. I don't have any similar problem in any other online game. I wasn't having this problem in DayZ until about a week and a bit ago.

I've noticed that logging in while near and inside buildings seems to make it worse (happen more frequently), but it happens out in the wild anyway when I'm doing things like inventory management. There's really no escape from it.

Please prioritize fixing this issue.

Also, worth a note. I've tried reinstalling the game and it has made no difference.

Same issue happens to me, I load into a game with less than 100 ping and I cannot do anything pull weapon out, open doors , anything. but run >.>

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Rubberbanding seems to be (almost) fixed since the last update(for me). Now this is the last "big" issue for me that needs to get fixed. Game works smooth at the moment, but other players are still lagging around as hell for me. Makes spotting and fighting very hard to impossible sometimes.

Yeah I haven't been able to play again for a few days. I had about an hour today where it worked but since then no joy.

Also, why has someone down-voted this issue? If you're not having the same issue it does not mean it doesn't exist.

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You're lucky you can even play at all. Past 2 days I've received non-stop desync even though my internet has been working fine and I only connect to servers with less than 100 ping.

Please fix this soon.

Can a mod acknowledge this? There are a lot of people having this issues and it's fundamental to the game. More important (in my eyes) than "Flickering weapon attachments"