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Player dead body turn into a walker after death.
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I loved, how ZombieU made this thing happened. I dont know this can made in DayZ and how will this affects server perfomance, but i think it will make the game much more fun and also "realistic". You can have your stuffs back in a fun way. But if that is to much data for a server to store and handle than i also accept a solution when player body turn into a zombie who have the look and stuffs on him what you had, but cant lootable.


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This is not a bug ! Cool idea but still voting down the issue. Game enhancements must be proposed in forum.

actually, if they could wear our stuff once we die, then the zombies generated by players would often be mroe dangerous, since we are always trying to protect our character more, if he dies with lets say the military helmet, then he becomes a little stronger.

They need to do zombies more dangerous and tanky theyre too easy to kill

Cool idea, seems "realistic" to me that if you get killed by a zombie, your character (+ your clothing, but no loot) will turn into a zombie.

Also maybe an idea that I saw in Age of Wushu Online: When your character is offline, your character becomes an NPC! In AoWo this meant your character would become someone like a guard (that could be kidnapped).
Maybe possible here as well, that your character becomes a random NPC, a survivor, that can be saved by an online character for a mission, or maybe just cool for the realistic experience that offline characters become survivors that are being eaten by the zombies when an online player is in the vicinity!!

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And do not know if I understand it correctly, but it could be just like this.

If you die and your last hit was zombie bite, after death you're not a dead corpse but server switches you to become zombie that has all your stuff.

Zeds should be able to wear clothes as players. Backpacks too, ofcourse. (for recognizing, that particular Zed has something to acquire)

Dead Zeds should remain visible (I don't know why they disappear) and players should be able to loot from them.

Yeah! you can enter the server again as a new survivor and your dead body from the last character will become a zombie with your stuff!

It would be great because also the zombies that have great stuff tend to be the most protected, for example a player with good stuff tend to have the military helmet, making the zombie a little stronger.

At least I imagine that would be great

I also believe this would be great for gameplay. Considering first of all that in a zombie apocalpyse, one of the factors that makes this really scary is how your friends can become your enemies.

Imagine this:

  1. If you're killed by a zombie when you where alone, in a period of time, your body will become infected, carrying your stuff, maybe loosing some of what was been carried in your pockets. That means you will have to look for zombies in order to find your stuff.
  1. You're looting somewhere when you spot a zombie with a backpack or a gun in a holster... now zombie hunting has sense because you know there's something valuable you can get from killing a zombie.

3)Double Tapping would become important in a battle, if you want to retrieve someones stuff later without it walking away.

Basically once you get an axe in the game, zombies loose all their importance, if this happens, it would make the game so much interesting considering this is a zombie survivalgame, and an scenario like this one may happen a lot on a real zombie apocalypse.

I have also thought about this a long time, but I also understand how hard it would be to be implemented.