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Some options in menu and some others in inventory are invisible (black font on black background)
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Some options in menu, in general and video setting, and some others in inventory are invisible (black font on black background).

In inventory are ALWAYS invisible:

  1. "inspect" action
  2. Take [item] (from vicinity) action
  3. ALL options about crafting (items interactions) and ammo loading
  4. Sometime other options
  5. NEVER happens to drink or eat or tear into rags.

Happened to previous version too


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Which language are you playing in?

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I confirm. Some actions are invisible. From time to time i see 2-3 black lines with no action (black on black).

I play Polish v0.35

You can't see option "Add to favourites" in servers list also.

Daisho added a subscriber: Daisho.May 8 2016, 4:24 PM

Can confirm, I think he's talking about stuff like this (screenshot shown there is from settings menu, but this bug also happens for the "add to favourites" option in the server browser as well as for some interact options on some items.