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Lighthouse Prone = Fall to Death issue.
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I was playing on my first rather successful character in Dayz, had all my weapons and such, including an M4A1, a Magnum, and the other pistol (Fnax?), as well as several items (which I do not know off the top of my head.) I was waiting on my brother to log on, so I decided to have some fun by hiding in the lighthouse up ahead (I beleive that this was the Golove lighthouse, the one due east of Chernogorsk). I climbed to the top of the lighthouse, and after walking around a bit on the balcony, I decided to go prone. Upon hitting my prone key (and going prone), my character immediately fell through the lighthouse mesh and died of fall damage. Given that several of the lighthouses seem to have similar meshes, I believe this may be a concern at other lighthouses.


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