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Loot Still dropping through floors
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The "loot through floors" bug is still present. Was playing in Electro, in the school building (I think it's a school, opposite hospital, near supermarket) I dropped an orange raincoat on the first floor to pick up a hoodie, the raincoat was on the ground floor when I went to leave (nothing had been there before, and there was no other raincoat in the building.)


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Can confirm. Happened to me in one of the balota office/barrack places.

Hi there,

can you please check if this still happens with the latest version?

If so, please update the version number and I'll assign this to a dev. Otherwise, please close this issue as fixed.

Thank you.


Hi sorry I've been away for a while.

Tested this again in a house near Electro. Dropped a crowbar on the top floor of a house. All seems good, it didn't fall through the floor so I guess it's fixed in version 115188.