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Major Connectivity Issues, may just be my profile/internet connection
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Every game that I join, I am warmly greeted by the yellow chain symbol :(
Now i don't know if this is a problem with the game but would just like to see if anyone else has this problem. I can move around without problem on my screen, however other people do not see me moving, for them I am just jogging on spot. I also cannot move or access anything within my inventory. My position is saving because when I re-log I am in the same place I left off. This happens on every server. My ping to these UK servers are around 15ms so this is very weird.


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Just join a game...

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Now the game has updated to 0.32, I no longer get this issue.

What you are experiencing is the dreaded 100K desync, go to this feedback thread and vote up...

tried reinstalling the game too, doesnt work. should i try killing my character and respawning?

Yeah, I've got good internet speeds too...
Download: 18mb
Ping to most UK servers: 12-18

i have the exact same problem. didnt have any issue untill today..
cant interact with any item. nothing wrong with my connection.
tried updating/restarting steam, restarting game, different servers,...
help needed

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same here, very frustrating,
ping to the server is not high at all actually
I end up running into door, sometimes I go through

Yep, you're experiencing the same difficulty alright!

dasku added a comment.Jan 13 2014, 8:39 PM

I have this same issue, all servers. I log in, I can raise hands and punch, however I cannot equip or raise or shoot any guns/axe. If I right click on food or drink it takes about 1 minute (says retrieving) then I can click eat/drink but nothing happens. A friend had this issue also and his fixed after a while but mine as not. I have 15-30 ping and no desync. Just paid for game and it worked fine for around 3 hours, then all of a sudden this issue. I also have no way to kill myself to try and restart.

Edit: I can see some players sometimes, but they are usually just stood still and not moving.

Edit 2: This issue is also happening for my friend again now.