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DayZ dissconnects me from internet
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The problem is not only in high desync and disconnect from game, but it actually fill up my internet capacity (i think) and i get dissconnected.

Im using command "ping" to watch my connection, runs smoothly, ping is 12-30, but if i start DayZ, im getting no responses. If im connected to Teamspeak3, ill get dissconnected at least once every 2 minutes.

If i close DayZ, or just stay in main menu, everythings okay.

Im not sure if its something to do with Battleeye, since its kicking me every couple minutes while im in game.. But no wonder if im having 30 sec lag because off DayZ.

I was monitoring this for whole week. Even at 2 am when i cant possibly share my internet connection with anyone, i still getting dissconnect while i join DayZ server. Doesnt matter which one. {F29686}


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Everytime i try to play, sometime i can play for longer without havin it, but sometimes i cant stay even 1 minute in game without getting kicked.

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Im attaching information you may need, if theres more you will need, simply tell me what and ill find it out.

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