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Desync reaches 100000 for friend every time I join on his game.
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Every time I join my friend he immediately gets a desync of 100000. No matter what the ping on the server it immediately jumps to 100k for him for no apparent reason other than I joined his game. Everyone else in the server will remain active. It doesn't really matter if he is far away or right near me he just will jump into ridiculous desync and be unable to play until he leaves and rejoins or he joins a new server. As long as I am not in his server he runs fine. {F29684}


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He joins a descent ping server.
I join on him through either the server friends list or steam friends list.
He lags out so bad he can't play anymore.

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Tested whilst across the map as well as in close quarters with the same guy. Worked last night in a large server for a period of time but with 4 running in our group we all experienced high connection issues until he left in which the connection issues quit with a 3 man group.
Tested in small north eastern airfield as well as the large north western airfield and small towns in between.

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I would tell your server provider who do you think is paying for the server. Me or Brian Hicks.

ADeadGuy (reporter)
2014-01-13 23:34

	 Hi, I have found the problem to be battleeye, we disabled it on our server and majority (not all) desync disappeared, then this morning our provider turned battleeye back on and removed our right to edit the config. This was done under the instruction of Brian Hicks and I have explained that battleeye is killing the game. Turn it off and we can play without problem with it on I cannot even get out of the building I spawn in as I have permanent 100K desync.

Strange is that he don't got problems when I'm not playing and we are playing everytime on battleye servers... maybe it could be a workaround if we could erase us as friends ... but he can still see me in dayZ under friends anyway we are not in steam ...

Well if it is battle eye most if not all of the servers now run it.

Same here, a friend can't play with me since ~ 4 days (edit ->) OR LESS. Everytime we are on the same server he got a lot of desyncs (for him unplayable). He tried also a reinstall of the game, without success. For example at Chernarus International Airfield, Pusta and Elektrozavodsk. On the way between Chernarus International Airfield and Pusta not. We can confirm that I'm the source of his desync, maybe because we are friends on steam? (Before we hadn't problems with playing together) Nevertheless we removed us as friends (just to check if this is the problem) but he can still see where I'm playing, I can't see under DayZ Servers Friends where he is playing. (In Steam no problems, no friends everything as it should be). He got an AMD Phenom X2 550 + NVIDIA GT 9600. I got an i7-2670QM and a GTX 570M. If we are playing on different servers he don't got problems. Hoping for a fix! In DayZ Friends should play together xD

you're right, sorry about that, but they are pretty similar if not wholely related, the other issue report did leave out a lot of elements that are connected, i linked them in detail here:

Weird thing to note on this is it is just certain players as Silent has stated because anyone else on my friends list I can play with perfectly fine. Just me and him seem not to be able to connect to any server without him crashing out to 100k.
Strangely it did work last night in a nearly full server but we all were experiencing issues until he left the server than we ran OK.
He lives about 5 miles from me and we both run on Bright house but should have no real connection at all.

This issues is different then the one you have linked. This issue occurs not randomly on servers but only when certain people login causing others to desync. I have this same problem only when a certain friend joins my game I get desync of 10000.

Check your file of DayZ.RPT in your appdata
on the client and the corresponding file on the server and battleye logs on the server. If this files constantly get thousands of entries in a minute while playing it maybe causes this massive desync due to massive writing to harddisc. And maybe that way you will be able to find what causes it. This behavior happened on Arma 2 servers before. On the client side you can try to play with the -NoLogs parameter, which can reduce that desync but not remove ot aslong the errors stay.

Hello KillJoy,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case the problem persists, would it be possible for you to post links to your and your friend's Steam profiles please?