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Visual keeps being almost in black and white even if i stopped bleeding and i healed my sickness hours ago.
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I'm going to report 2 issues i've found together.
I got shot but i survived. I was bleeding so i healed myself with the bandage that i've found in a medkit. After that i realized that my sight was shaking because i was sick so i healed myself with antibiotics and i waited for a while until the sick status vanished. Now the issues are:
1)My visual kept shaking (it was not focused like it should be when you're sick) even if i healed myself a hour before. I've solved this by re-setting the graphics configuration.
2)My visual is almost black and white like when you're halfway to bleed to death but my character is not complaining about anything so i kept playing for an hour or two but this issue did not fix (re-setting the graphics configurations did not help).
What should i do?
Thanks for your time.


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Thanks for your time. Anyway i got shot to death and i respawned, now my colours are normal.

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Your character has lost to much blood. Blood only regenerates if your water and hunger aka energy levels are high (almost full for fast regen). keep eating and drinking and your blood levels will return to normal, as will your colors.

A grey screen is an indicator of high blood loss, your game is not broken, this is not a bug.

My problem it's not about blurrines but about colours. I attach an image in which you can see my visual. Resetting the graphics setting did not change anything.

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Have you tried going to your video settings. There is a bug that clears the screen of blurriness when you edit the video settings.