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Screen Starts out Blurry when first logging in on NVidia graphics cards
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When first logging in to a server, vision is very blurry. After clicking on the video button under configure the display will "reset" and the picture appears more normal. This happens every time when joining a server. Sometimes the start screen will also appear glitched after disconnecting from a server, until clicking the video button once again. This happens on my GTX 660, and as far as I know only affects Nvidia, since I have also used a Radeon 5670 in the past and not had the same problem. Have heard multiple reports of this happening with other Nvidia users as well.


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Login to a server with a Nvidia GTX graphics card.
Notice the screen is very blurry.
Click the configure button under options menu, and click on video.
Exit the options menu.
Screen is no longer blurry.

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sasme amd cards and nvida cards its a game side problem needs to be fixed please ote my ticket up for fix thanks

noobfun added a subscriber: noobfun.May 8 2016, 4:23 PM

fr3nchy, i've had it when it was related to player health, clicking video settings still fixes it.

unless you are getting it on a totally new fresh spawn, or unless you have the 'healthy' indicator i would consider it health related not a bug

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same problem but with a Radeon card
And no its not related to player health as it is fixed when clicking video settings

this issues is the same for AMD cards as well and it has nothing to do with low health or loss of blood or any other health issue for your toon(less you logged out with one of those issues ) yes on fresh toons this can happen as well a quick tip short term solution to help resolve this till its fixed by the developers is to hit esc click on configure and then video it will fix the blurr that is there and you can close it out its kinda like a reset of your graphics it refreshes them from there you can play and go on your merry way

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Is your character low on health (not blood)? If your character is low on health, your screen will appear blurry. Have you noticed this same issue as a fresh spawn?