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My character was wiped.. You need to fix this ASAP its the second time it has happend to me.
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I have built my character up over 15 hours of survival.. I never got killed. I logged in this morning to find out my character is completely GONE. Please fix this because if this does not work you will get alot of angry people. You have to make sure the characters stay in tact. This is the second time I have been wiped. It is very frustrating especially when I am trying to move further in the game and help you out.


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Make a character DECK him out and get all your shit wiped while you sleep. Probably the most angry I have been gaming in a long time. You def need to fix this shit guys. This will make your hardcore crowd leave you.

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Please fix this -- atleast let me know you know its a problem at the moment.

  • THIS IS PROBABLY YOUR BIGGEST BUG YET -- I know for sure if this keeps happening I cant continue its too much stress and I cant keep going through mice.. ---

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