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Cant equip any items/see detail - Cant see other players - Cant interact with anything -
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The game ran perfectly after download for about 3 days but it has been unplayable since
In public servers all I can do is run around, graphics are fine and no glitching but I cant access any items or see descriptions, I cant see other players or friends in the same server, this happens in all public/battle eye enabled servers. When i filter non Battle eye then I can do everything just fine.


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this occurs with every battle eye enabled server - does not happen in test servers or private/non BE

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Internet bandwidth is fine, and am able to pick up good download speeds and no problem with other online games.
I have tried disabling all antivirus and non essential programmes

Would it be possible to have dedicated non battle eye servers for those suffering this issue - even as a temporary fix untill it is patched

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