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Crazy Desync Values and Lag. Players cannot play the game. So, we cannot test game.
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The problem is occurring, when coming towards to certain players. It's clear.

Danger is, This problem is spreading among the players.


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Steps To Reproduce

1- Open the game.
2- Move to get closer to other player, who causing the problem. (*)
3- Game freezes partially. Starting a huge lag, and desync value increasing like a rocket.

  • They are certain people for a player. A player's "desync" effect to other players can be different.
Additional Information

I tried these methods for the resolve problem but did not work:

  • Close Windows Firewall.
  • Close Anti-virus
  • Ip change
  • Router reset/change
  • Windows 7 compability mode
  • Internet Optimizer programs
  • Uninstall/Reinstall Dayz, and Fresh Run.
  • Change Steam ID
  • Delete Dayz Folders in My Documents
  • Game Booster
  • Different Servers
  • Different Server Locations
  • Different Server Companies
  • Connect from different locations.
  • Connect at different times of day (or night)
  • Play in various cities or locations in the game.
  • Play in crowd or deserted servers.

None of the above did not work. Problem continues.

Plus, I rented a game server already, and talked server experts in company about this problem. We tried some solutions but we failed.

I have doubts about BattlEye. I think it is the cause of this problem. Because problems started in our game, after the patch.

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