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Dupe Method that is reported to work
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My friend told me about this today, It is a dupe that creates a living copy of you when you log out between you spawning and still being at wait for host.
She said that she got it from someone else that got it from a cheat website, so I will say this, I HAVE NOT USED THIS DUPE OR PLAN TO USE IT AT ANY POINT IN MY LIFE TIME, NOR DO I GET HACKS/DUPES/ECT. FROM CHEAT WEBSITES. I asked her for the cheat website so i can report it and I will copy and paste what it says.

Also got this too:

EDIT: It only seems to work for me around 1/4th of the time and I think it is because when you do it once your duplicated person will stay on the server you did it on until it restarts so it will only work after that server restarts.

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Steps To Reproduce

1: First your have to add a server of your choice to your favorites.

2: Second you have to join the server from your favorites and wait until it says "WAITING FOR HOST" in the middle of the screen and "Ready" On the bottom left corner of your screen. <----This screen
When you get to that screen spam the ESC key as fast as you can until you get kicked out to the main menu.

3: Then quickly join back to the same server.

4: When you join the game you need to move backward and you should see a copy of your self.

5: Then proceed to killing your duplicated person.

WARNING: If you kill your dupe with a melee weapon it will damage your duplicated items.

6: Lastly proceed to gathering your duplicated items.

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Pic links are real ;s

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