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Stuck on Loading Screen
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I've been able to perfectly run it for the past 2 weeks; however just 2 days ago a new update was released and I've been unable to run it. It can enter the game and see the server list and everything, but when I click on a server it flashes "Waiting for host..." for a brief moment then snaps into a splash screen where the only text is a white "DAYZ" icon on the middle of the screen. It then gets stuck on that loading screen forever, and eventually I have to glitch out of the game. I've tried dragging updated battleeye files to the application support/battleye folder to no avail. Please help as soon as you can.


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Game Freezes
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Every time I try to join a server I'm stuck in the loading screen.

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I've already sent so many emails and requests. Please fix this.

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