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Magnum Speedloader does not spawn.
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So, after days and days of searching (alive since the big wipe), I've yet to find a speedloader. Currently i have around 130 rounds of .357 in my inventory, and I fired about that many while searching.

I've checked out the better part of the map in search for it, yet I can't find it.


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Try to find one in game.

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I've regularly checked out the forums, reddit and 4chan - I have yet to see a person having a speedloader.

Even if it does spawn, the rate for it is minimal. Do you mind making it slightly more common?

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I <had> two speedloaders on me yesterday before I was killed. This was on the experimental build 0.33.114855

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I have found several speed loaders, and just an hour ago I took one from a dead player too