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Duplication of pistol ammo with any set of pants that can contain a handgun.
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While forgetting I had a pistol in my hands, I took my pants off that contained said pistol and then tried to take the ammo out of my pistol, and it gave me a duplicate magazine.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put pistol in pants
  2. Put pistol in hands
  3. Load pistol with ammo
  4. Exchange pants you're currently wearing with another set of pants
  5. While the pistol is still in your hands, try unloading the mag into your inventory
  6. Take the pistol out of your hands
  7. Take your pants back
  8. Put pistol back in hands
  9. Unload magazine
  10. Voila, you have 2 magazines now.

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You can do this with pistol ammo too not only magazines and to glitch worn to pristine.