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Able to sprint at full speed with any gun(Have not tried melee)
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If you are on a ladder you can pick up a weapon in your hands and sprint without a penalty.

Made it private so it is not abused.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have weapon in hands
  2. Get to a ladder
  3. Stand as close to the ladder as you can
  4. Slightly Climb ladder
  5. Open inventory
  6. Right click weapon
  7. Take into hands
  8. You can now freely run and aim, but cannot shoot. The gun will be held till you take a weapon out/eat/do anything that would drop it.
Additional Information

Can be done with eating too.

  1. Have weapon in hands
  2. Run
  3. Open inventory
  4. Eat food while running
  5. Bug produced

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