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[Add Feature] Selecting Sound Device
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I would please request that the DayZ dev team implement a feature in the options menu to select the default sound device, As this feature was not found in ARMA 2 nor Arma 3, I find this to be a important and necessary feature already found in most PC games,
As a scenario, say you are busy playing and for some reason your headphones malfunction, get pulled out, pet knocks, you decide to switch to speakers, These or any situation where the headphones/speakers are disconnected in game, sound is now non existent even if you attempt to replug the previous device in. This forces a user to close DayZ and reopen the game, frustrating and time consuming.


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1.Continue normal game play
2.Unplug/switch your current sound device e.g. speaker or headphones.
3.Game now has no sound and you are forced to restart DayZ

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Please DayZ devs! make this happen this should be a basic feature built into the game engine!

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Also, it is an issue for people who use top end headsets for gaming. I have an Astro A50, which runs through the optical port but, use HDMI for my primary sound. Currently there is no option to hear out of my headset but, because the mic is default the game does recognize the mic. So I have to have one ear off to be able to hear. Selecting audio output is a pretty standard gaming requirement with all the surround sound headsets out there.

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Also, it is an issue for people who use cheap USB DACs for gaming. I have a multiple, which run through the USB port, but I use AUX for my primary sound. Currently there is no option to hear out of the DACs.