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character gets teleported back 5 mins or so but life cycle still in progress
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happens all the time usually when i am inland heading towards Dichina. I follow the most obvious roads to the military area near Dichina while sprinting and suddenly i appear back at a point where i was about 5 minutes ago and i can not move my character at all so i am forced to alt f4 out of the game as i cant even access the menus. this has happened to me 6-7 times now and i have seen someone else post about this so i thought i would wait a while before i post in case it gets fixed but it happened again to me about 10 minutes ago so i posted this bug report. the life cycle of the character is still in progress as well since i had loot which i obtained before the teleportation backwards which i was at before i obtained the loot. a way to test this is loot houses and after teleport check loot that is on you or try loot the same houses again.


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sprint from the town of vyshnoye following the tar road that becomes a dirt road until you hit a T junction there should be a house if you turn left at the T juncion. next run directly to Dichina cutting through the wilderness until you hit a tar road. follow the tar road until you get to a left turn dirt road. follow the dirt road to the military camp which also has a barn just to the south west of the town. somewhere between Vyshnoye and the military camp you should find out what i am talking about.

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i was sprinting for the whole journey. high priority fix!!

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