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Desync of Players - wrong calculations on where they are
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IT's happened many times to me now but when ever i attempt to kill someone, it takes a while for them to die and they end up killing me. For example, one time, i laid x4 Most9130 bullets into a player that was running at me with a Wood Axe, when he was getting within 5 metres, i ran away hoping he would bleed to death but for his screen, i must of been hit even though on my screen i was well away from him, this gave him a much higher advantage and was really unfair on how he hit me. Right after he hit me, i died and he lived....


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Maybe try to work around the ArmA 2 DayZ mod and how the logic on that is set out because it is definitely different when comparing both.

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Work on this one quickly because this is one of the main problems in relation to PVP on this game and soon it will make most players very unhappy, especially me.

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