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Teleport into past locatoin and freeze
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I've noticed on long runs between towns, my survivor will sometimes be teleported back to a location that I've already ran though (about 4 minutes behind me) and be stuck there. I am unable to look around or move my character or open any inventory or anything. All I can do is restart my game to gain control again.


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It will happen randomly, but if I try and rerun the same route, very often it will happen 4 or 5 times to me (or it will keep happening until I quit). Not sure if it is related to the route I'm taking or if it is just the character itself. I feel like I have avoided it before by running a different way.

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It seems to happen to me and my friends at the same time when we are running together so it shouldn't be something on my side and something on the server or the game. I'm not sure.

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Can confirm this bug! It happened to me today in the latest patch and never happened before that. I was playing with a ping of 30, so the connection shouldnt be the problem