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no contact with hive once connected to a server.
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Connect to any server (have tried connecting to countless servers over the course of 4 days)load normally.
Once loaded, unable to access or use any items in the inventory.
Able to move around freely. Friends who are also connected to the same server see me as stationary, whereas I see them as stationary. They have normal game operation and have no issues accessing their gear.
On server player list, pings for all connected show as zero (0) on my client. On my friend's clients, all is normal and pings show up normally for them, including my ping. {F29658}


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connect to any server.

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If I move around, my location is not saved. On the next load I am back to where I was before. Oddly it does save what direction I am facing when I leave the server.

Have tried stream file integrity check multiple times, no errors found.

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