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When logging back in lose all my stuff even in safe areas up north.
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So I spend around 10 hours just looting getting a bunch of stuff and getting ready to go explore up north. The next day i log in and it is a brand new character with nothing. I know what you're thinking maybe I was killed. I can almost guarantee you i was not considering I was the only one on the server and the chances of a person spawning at the exact location that I was logging out from is like 1 in a million. On top of that this has happened multiple times and generally I just say F'IT and start over but it's getting annoying making the game un-enjoyable. I have heard that if you don't press anything and exit right away you character will have all of their things but this is not the case for me and my brother who also plays the game. I understand this is an alpha but how am I supoesed to be testing things out if i cant even keep the same character? I am sad to announce that until this gets fixed we will no longer be playing or recommending the game.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log in
  2. gather a ton of loot and gear up.
  3. change a server when it is almost night.
  4. log in to new server.
  5. no longer in same location and character has nothing on.
  6. Get really mad and break all of your shit!
  7. Rant on forums.
  8. Stop playing game till they fix issue as a form of boycot.
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Make sure to search before opening new tickets. Losing character data is a very well known issue that was originally reported at #78