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Desync now continuous problem. Cannot bandage/pick up loot/move effectivly
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Every server I now go into I always have the yellow chain which will often turn to red. This affects game play by first not being able to put any weapon or item into my hands, by either pressing a number assigned to it or dragging item to hand area in inventory. If I log into a room with a closed door I usually cannot get a option to open that door (same with ladders) and If I eventually get the option to open the door it may take a few minutes to open.
After logging in loot may take 5 minutes before i can see it on the ground and then when i try to put it in my inventory it will either take up to 5 minutes to go into the space or it may not go into my inventory at all.
When I try to use something in my inventory eg eat drink bandage, I will right click on the item and it will say receiving for a long time, sometimes it will eventually give me the option to use but it usually just stays on receiving. This has stopped my game play as I was hit by a zombie which I could not see but i could hear him hit me, I have not been able to get the option to bandage myself since the hit.
This is also affecting my movement through the map If i am running towards a building I will start to teleport forwards and backwards even teleporting through the building right to the other side. I cannot effectively use alt to look around because it seems to have a mind of its own and will usually look left and right jumping from view to view uncontrollable


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The problem is continuous and only started last night but so far I have not been able to get it to stop desyncing

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The game has been working perfectly for me for the past 2 weeks and I usually play for an hour if not more every night. (I have experienced a few bugs where my character gets reset or I fall through a wall and drop to my death, but I can still play on with no concurring issues) I did not play on the 7th or 8th of Jan, during which time I think there may have been an update. these problems just started last night on the 8th of Jan, and have now continued today.

I think this may be because of Change Log - 0.30.114008

i know it is an alpha and I have probably been lucky not to have any major problems up until now but i thought i should voice my problems as i may not be the only person facing these issues.

my game version is 0.30.114008 the box below will not accept that

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